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Giving is an act of worship.  True worship begins when you realize that everything you have (your time, talents, posessions, etc.) belongs to God. 

Your generosity fuels our ministry.  Through the generosity of God's people, we have been able to sustain the ministry for 60 years.  Your continued support through recurring donations helps to maintain and expand our ministry impact.  Every gift, no matter the size, is needed and appreciated. 

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Launched in 2011, It's the "Principal" that matters! campaign is our first capital campaign geared towards the burning of our mortgage. If you wish to be a part of this blessing, and would like to join us in a $20.00 a month pledge, or with a one-time donation, please complete the pledge form below and return it to us with your gift of love to our mailing address.





All checks should be made payable to: St. Philip's Christian Church and mailed to 765 Lafayete Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11221.